John 15 Journal


Thelma Hedges and her daughters, daughters-in -law and granddaughters had a great quilting weekend in the Vineyard Meeting & Retreat Center. They prepared their meals in the Retreat Center kitchen, slept on the second floor and quilted to their hearts content.  They enjoyed the peace and quiet and the lack of distractions.  

Does this give you ideas?  Quilting - Scrapbooking - Sewing - Book discussions - Family or Business retreats.  What interest would bring you to our quiet, peaceful Meeting & Retreat Center in the country?  Just message us... Click here to read more and leave a comment.


 Yesterday we had 120 tons of gravel delivered and spread on our Vineyard Barn parking area and the driveway to the treehouse.  No one likes to drive and park in the mud.  Do you know how much 120 tons is?  The African savanna or bush elephant, the largest living land animal, weighs about 8 1/4 tons.  120 tons would be the equivalent of the weight of 8 1/2 African elephants.  

Dean has begun clearing brush from the site of his second treehouse.  He has such a vision. A question has come to our mind concerning our retail grape products. ... Click here to read more and leave a comment.

George and Thelma Hedges of Scranton treated their family to a delicious Christmas dinner and group games in the Vineyard Barn.  They enjoyed their time together so much that Thelma and her daughters and granddaughters are planning a “crafting” weekend in the Barn in February.  They will stay overnight on the second floor.  Do crafters sleep?  We wish them a great time and sweet dreams.

Congratulations to Kevin and Page on their recent wedding!  They were married in Wisconsin and spent their honeymoon in our Barn Meeting and Retreat Center.  It was so much fun hosting a couple who are embarking on a new life together.  Their connection to Iowa is that Page grew up in Fort Dodge.  Kevin surprised her by bringing her to Iowa for their honeymoon and spending a day reminiscing as they drove around Page’s old home town.  It is exciting to discover the many ways that people can use our barn.  We feel so blessed to have the opportunity to share our place with others.


Two families of five have stayed overnight in the barn, one a missionary family to Japan and the second a family attending the Thanksgiving celebration.  Each bedroom has a full bath, one room with twin beds and the other with a queen bed and each has a cubby-hole with a full air mattress for kids or adventuresome guests.  This month a  couple will spend two nights of their honeymoon in our barn.  How exciting!  Between the guest rooms is a social room with two futons that open to full beds, table and chairs, a breakfast nook and a large screen TV with DVD player and computer hook-up.  All the comforts of home.  If you are looking for a unique country... Click here to read more and leave a comment.

Our Barn Meeting and Retreat Center was the site of a Thanksgiving celebration.  Family members were treated to a meal prepared by the hostess.  The Barn has a full kitchen for preparing, storing and serving meals.  Sports fans watched football on the 97” screen while others watched DVD movies on the second floor.  The tables were beautifully decorated by the hostess.  The Barn is an inviting place for family events.  

YALE FALL BAZAAR -  23 plus vendors will be at the Yale Fall Bazaar in the Yale Community Building on Saturday, November 10th from 9 am - 3 pm.  John 15 Vineyard will have jam, jelly, juice, pie, cookies and candy for sale.  Hope you will come and sample our mulled grape cider.  Our home-grown products are great for gifts and as "dee-lish-us" additions to your holdiay feasts.  Pre-orders are welcome.  You can pick them up at the Bazaar or arrange for them to be available for Thanksgiving.  Hope to see you in Yale on the 10th.

Tree house camping has been fun and has provided lasting memories for the campers.  Mindy from Jefferson commented, "My husband and the boys had the best time EVER in the tree house.  Us girls went out to look at the beautiful pond, enjoy smores by the fire, watch a movie in the tent and tuck the boys in before we left.  Thenk you for such an amazing adventure.  We got lots of picture to remember our trip and LOTS of great memories.  Thanks for accommodating our family!"  Amy and Bethany from Ankeny shared a picture of their tree house camping experience.  Kate, Mary & Nancy and their families from Des Moines wrote, "Love the tree house!!  It was great fun!  Wonderful weekend! The weather is still perfect for camping.  Please call... Click here to read more and leave a comment.

John 15 Vineyard Meeting & Retreat Center

We had a great day!  Thank you to all who helped us celebrate the Grand Opening of our John 15 Vineyard Meeting & Retreat Center.  The Lord blessed with beautiful weather!  It was so much fun to greet family and friends, old and new.  Thank you to the Greene County Ram Restaurant students for serving lunch and to Jean Walker of Walker Greenhouse & Floral and Lidderdale Country Store for setting up meeting and reception displays.  

This is an exciting time for the John 15 Vineyard north of Scranton, owned by Dean and Nancy Rogers.  Grape harvest is in full swing, earlier than usual because of the early spring weather.  Harvest will be completed by the first week of September.  Concord grapes are the most popular with those who have fond memories of backyard vineyards.  We also have two other varieties, Fredonia and Bluebell which are equally tasty.  Jelly, jam, juice, grape pie, sugar cookies and chocolate candies both filled with grape jam are available at the Jefferson Farmers’ Market and at the vineyard.

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