John 15 Journal

Treehouse - 22 feet from the ground.  WOW!

The treehouse is almost finished!  And what a view!!  15'x40' platform (It will have a railing and a ramp.  We could take my 102 year old mother in her wheelchair up the ramp.  Ya hoo!), 8' from the ground in the front and 22' in the back.  WOW!  


Dean saved the day.  Mondays are cookie and pie baking days for Tuesdays' Farmers' Markets in Jefferson.  Mid afternoon on Monday I realized I was running low on sugar.  "I can't make cookies without sugar."  Dean, being the thoughtful guy that he is, volunteered to go to Jefferson to purchase sugar.  Whew!  Later that evening, around 11 pm, I ran out of flour for making pie dough.  Oh, no!  Dean to the rescue again.  He drove to Carroll to get the Wheat Montana flour that I use.  Thank you, Dean.

I baked a new grape pie treat for market - pie on a stick.  It was a fun novelty.  Also I made grape tarts in a muffin pan.  I used to sell pie slices at market and this is a nice alternative.  This will be a regular... Click here to read more and leave a comment.

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This has been a challenging year weather-wise, starting with the unusually mild winter and early spring followed by a hard frost.  Most plants and trees that budded early were severely damaged by the frost.  Dean cautiously pruned our grape vines just... Click here to read more and leave a comment.