Products for Sale

Grape Syrup $8 per 3/4 pint

Great on ice cream, pancakes, smoothies and more!

Frozen Grapes $3 per pound

Washed, stemmed and frozen in 2 1/2 gallon bags.  Approximately 12 pounds per bag.

Mulled Grape Cider $10 per quart

Enjoy warm on a cool day. Soothing! Available September thru December.

100% Grape Juice $5 per pint

Bold, rich taste. Made from the grapes grown at the John 15 Vineyard.

Fresh Grapes $2 per pound (in season)

In season generally in September.  You are always welcome to call and check availability.

Jam Filled Candies $8 for box of 16, $4 for box of 8, $1.10 for box of 2 (silver and gold)

They are as delicious as they are pretty. Great for celebrations, gifts and as a treat for the “sweet tooth.” Order candy for your next special occasion!


Sugar Cookies with Grape Jam $8 for box of 12, $3 for box of 4

They melt in your mouth. Eat one and you’ll ask for more!

Concord Grape Pie $12 for 9" pie (with sugar or Splenda™), $4 for 4" pie , $2 for box of 3 Pie Tarts

Not just for holidays. A mouth watering treat anytime.

Grape Jam $5 for half pint

Concord, Concord (no sugar)

Grape Jelly $5 for half pint (with sugar or Splenda™)

Concord, Fredonia, Bluebell, Concord (no sugar)